English Mongoose Plant

Ayurvedic ► Sarpaakshi. (Gandha-naakuli is a wrong synonym. It is equated with Aristolochia indica.)

Siddha/Tamil ► Keerippundu.

Folk ► Sarahati. Mungus-vel (Maharashtra).

Action ► Root—bitter tonic. Leaves— used for dressing ulcers.

The roots contain starch, a resin and small amounts of a bitter amorphous alkaloid. Beta-sitosterol, 5-alpha-ergost-7-en-3-beta-ol and 5-alpha-ergost-8 (14)-en-3 beta-ol (as an ester) have been identified in the root. Leaves and stems contain traces of hydrocyanic acid.

Opuntia vulgaris Mill. 451

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