English Mezereon

202 Datisca cannabina Linn.

Action ► Active principles are attracting scientific interest. The orthoesters are co-carcinogenic and mezerein antileukaemic in experimental studies. Bark— used as an ointment for inducing discharge from indolent ulcers. Bark, root and root bark—used mainly for obstinate cutaneous diseases, especially for eczema with severe itching and copious exudation (weeping eczema).

As the plant is poisonous, it is used in homoeopathic dilutions internally and topically.

The bark gave diterpenes including mezerein, daphnetoxin (0.02%). Mezerein is anti-inflammatory and anticar-cinogenic. Daphnetoxin is poisonous. Seeds contain daphnane ester (0.1%) and daphnetoxin (0.02%).

EtOH extract showed significant activity against P-388 lymphocytic leukemia and L-1210 leukemia in mice, due to mezerein.

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