English Litchi Lychee

Action ► Fruit—refrigerant during summer. Leaf—used in bites of animals.

Litchi aril contains: total sugars (as invert sugar) 12.1-14.8; reducing sugar 9-13.7; non-reducing sugar 1.0-3.4; acidity (as citric acid) 0.22-0.36%; and ascorbic acid 34.5-45.4 mg/100 g.

The plant contains levulinic, malic, citric, lactic, malonic, fumaric, suc-cinic, phosphoric and glutaric acids.

The Bark contains friedelin and stig-masterol.

Litchi seeds are prescribed in Malaya for neurological disorders and orchi-tis. In seed lipids, fatty acids cyclo-propanoic 42.0; oleic 27.0, palmitic 12.0 and linoleic 11.0%, have been determined.

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