English Flowering Murdah

Folk ► Kinjal (Maharashtra); Neemeeri, Nimiri (Andhra Pradesh); Pekadukkai (Tamil Nadu); Pilamuruthu, Pillamurda (Kerala). Kindal (trade).

Action ► Bark—diuretic, cardiotonic. Juice of the bark, mixed with purified butter and rock-salt, is applied in parotitis.

The heartwood gave 3,3'-O-di-methylellagic acid and 3,4,3'-O-tri-methylflavellagic acid. A triterpene carboxylic acid, beta-sitosterol, a gly-coside 3,3'-di-O-methylellagic acid-4-monoglucoside and O-pentamethyl flavellagic acid have been isolated.

The bark contains 14% tannins, also beta-sitosterol.

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