English European Elder

Siddha/Tamil ► Sevai, Sayai.

Action ► Root—astringent, carminative, antispasmodic. Used for diarrhoea. Bark—anthelmintic.

Fruit hulls gave bryonic and bryono-lic acids, mesoinosital and dimethyl mucate; heartwood also gave triter-penic acids including katonic and in-dicic acid.

The seeds gave limonoids—sandori-cin and 6-hydroxysandoricin. A sec-otriterpene, koetjapic acid, together with katonic acid, has been isolated from the stem. Sandoricin and 6-hydroxysandoricin exhibited effective antifeedant activity. Katonic acid exhibited significant cytotoxicity against a variety of cultured human cancer cells.

Santalum album Linn. 579

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