English English Horsemint

Unani ► Pudinaa-Barri, Jangali Pudinaa.

Action ► Leaf and flowering top— carminative, stimulant, antiseptic, febrifuge. Used for digestive disorders and headaches. Essential oil—antibacterial.

Chief components of the volatile oil are 1,8-cineole 28.8, piperitone 13.9, cis-piperitone oxide 15.4 and piperitenone 13.8%. The aerial parts contain flavonoids—3'-hydroxy-4',5,6,7-tetra-methoxyflavone, hesperetin-7-rutino-side, luteolin, ursolic acid and beta-sitosterol. The essential oil acts as a CNS depressant and has somnifacient properties. Phenolic extract showed

Mentha spicata Linn. emend. Nathh. 409

stimulative effect on CNS of mice. Administration of the oil leads to a drop in body temperature.

American Horsemint is equated with Monarda punctata L. The major component of the volatile oil is thymol. The leaves and tops are used as stimulant, carminative and emmenagogue.

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