English Broom Creeper Ink Berry

Ayurvedic ► Chhilihinta, Paataala-garuda, Mahaamuulaa, Dirghavalli, Jalajamani.

Siddha/Tamil ► Kattukodi.

Action ► Root—laxative, sudorific, alterative, antirheumatic. Leaf— used externally for eczema, prurigo and inpetigo. A decoction of leaves is taken in eczema, leucorrhoea and gonorrhoea.

Aqueous extract of stem and root— sedative, anticonvulsant, hypotensive, bradycardiac, cardiotonic and sapas-molytic. Roots are used as a substitute for Sarsaparilla in chronic rheumatism gout, and syphilitic cachexia.

The stem contains cyclopeptide alkaloids. The plant contains coclaurine, magnoflorine, beta-sitosterol, ginnol and a monomethyl ether of inositol.

C.pendulus (Forsk.) Diels, synonym C. leaeba (Del.) DC. (Punjab, Gujarat and South India) is known as Parwati (Gujarat, Sindh) and Ullar-billar (Punjab).

Ethanolic extract of the leaves and stem showed anticancer and hypoten-sive activities associated with the al-kaloidal fraction which contains bis-benzylisoquinoline alkaloids (including pendulin and cocsulin). Presence of quercitol is reported from non-alkaloidal fraction.

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