Ecballium elaterium A Rich

Family ► Cucurbitaceae.

Habitat ► Mediterranean region and Western Asia.

English ► Squirting Cucumber.

Ayurvedic ► Kantaki Indravaaruni (non-classical).

Folk ► Kateri Indryaayana, Kitran.

Action ► Hydragogue; employed for the evacuation of dropsy, especially in nephritic patients. Root—used to treat skin diseases and parasitic scalp diseases; also for scirrhous eruptions.

Roots, leaves and fruits yield cucur-bitacins C, D, E, G, H and I. Fruit juice gave cucurbitacins B, L and R and their derivatives. Cucurbitacins (tetra-cyclic triterpene glycosides) are toxic constituents of the fruit.

Synonym ► E. viride (Forsk.) Alston. Justica ecbolium Linn.

Family ► Acanthaceae.

Habitat ► Northeastern Peninsular India.

English ► Blue Fox Tail Nail Dye.

Siddha/Tamil ► Nilambari.

Action ► Plant—used in gout and dysuria; decoction of leaves for stricture. Roots—given in jaundice, menorrhagia and rheumatism.

The leaves, flowers and roots yield orientin, vitexin and their isoflavones.

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