Dregea volubilis

Synonym ► Wattakaka volubilis (Linn. f.) Stapf.

Family ► Asclepiadaceae.

Habitat ► Konkan and Maharashtra, also in Bengal and Assam.

Ayurvedic ► Suparnikaa, Madhu-maalati. Muurvaa (substitute). Nak-chhikkini.

Siddha/Tamil ► Kodippalai.

Action ► Root and tender stalks— emetic and expectorant, cause sneezing, used in colds, sinusitis, and biliousness. Leaves—used as an application to boils and abscesses.

The stems and leaves contain a pigment taraxerol, a triterpenoid, kaem-pferol, a glucoside of kaempferol and saponins. Seeds contain a number of pregnane glycosides which do not exhibit digitalis-like action. Root contains a glucoside which lowered carotid blood pressure in mice and dogs when administered intravenously.

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