Delphinium denudatum Wall

Synonym ► D. pauciflorum Royle.

Family ► Ranunculaceae.

Habitat ► The temperate Himalayas from Kashmir to Kumaon at altitudes of 2,400-3,600 m.

English ► Larkspur. Ayurvedic ► Nirvishaa, Nirvishi. (Kyllinga triceps Rottb. is used as a substitute for Nirvishaa.)

Unani ► Jadwaar Khataai, Maatiryaaq.

Folk ► Root—astringent, vulnerary, deobstruent, alterative. Used for painful piles, muscular atrophy, gout and as a nervine tonic. Also used as an adulterant for aconite.

Oral administration of the aqueous extract of the plant to rats with CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity revealed hepa-toprotective property of the plant.

The roots contain campesterol, stig-masterol, sitosterol, cholesterol, delta-avenasterol and alkaloids including de-nudatine, denudatidine, condelphine, talatizidine and iso-talatizidine.

Habitat ► Native to Mediterranean region.

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