Dactyloctenium aegyptium


Synonym ► Eleusine aegyptiaca Desf.

Family ► Gramineae, Poaceae.

Habitat ► Common throughout the plains of India (a very variable grass).

Ayurvedic ► Takraa, Takraahvaa, Panchaanguli, Nrityakaundaka. (Classical synonyms.) (Takra is the classical name of buttermilk.)

Folk ► Makaraa, Makari (Bihar, Orissa), Timidaa (Tamil Nadu)

Action ► Astringent, bitter tonic, anthelmintic. Used for polyurea; externally for wounds and ulcers.

The grass growing is New South Wales is reported to contain cyano-genetic glycosides.

In Indian medicine, the grass is used for imparting medicinial properties of Takra (buttermilk) in intestinal, biliary and urinary diseases.

Synonym ► Calamus draco Willd.

Family ► Palmae; Aracaceae.

Habitat ► Indo-Malayan region. The resin is imported into India mostly from Sumatra and Borneo.

English ► East Indian Dragon's Blood.

Ayurvedic ► Raktaniryaas, Khoon-kharaabaa, Heeraadokhi.

Action ► Astringent. Used for diarrhoea, dysentery. Also used against malignant tumours.

The resin contains red tannin derivatives—drocoresinotannols, dracoresen and flavone quinones.

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