Cucumis trigonus Roxb

Synonym ► C. pseudo-colocynthis Royle.

C.callosus (Rottl.) Congn. Bryonia callosa Rottl.

Habitat ► Wild throughout the drier upland tracts of India. Ayurvedic ► Indravaaruni (var.). Siddha/Tamil ► Kattutumatti. Folk ► Vishlumbha, Bhakuraa. Action ► Pulp of fruit—drastic purgative. Decoction of roots— milder in purgative action. Seeds— cooling, astringent; useful in bilious disorders. The fruit is used as a substitute for Colocynth.

The fruits contain steroid and tri-terpenoid compounds, cucurbitacin B and proteolytic enzymes. EtOH extract exhibits analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity; stimulates isolated uterus of guinea pigs.

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