Cryptolepis buchanani

Family ► Asclepiadaceae; Periplo-caceae.

Habitat ► Throughout India.

English ► Indian Sarsaparilla (black var.).

Ayurvedic ► Krishna Saarivaa, Jambupatraa Saarivaa, Karantaa, Shyamalataa, Shyaama, Gopi, Gopavadhu, Kaalghatika.

Siddha/Tamil ► Maattan-kodi, Paal-Kodi, Kattupala.

Folk ► Karantaa, Anantamuula (Varanasi).

Action ► Blood-purifier, alterative. Used for rickets in children. In combination with Euphorbia microphylla, the herb is used as a galactagogue. A decoction of the stem is used as a supporting drug in paralysis; of the root bark in rheumatism.

The major constituent of the root extract is germanicol docosanoate. The roots contains cryptanoside C. The leaves gave cryptanoside A and B and a cardenolide, cryptosin.

Dosage ► Root—5-10 g (API Vol. IV.); infusion—50-100 ml. (CCRAS.)

Family ► Cucurbitaceae.

Habitat ► Wild on wastelands in Gujarat.

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