Crinum latifolium Linn

Habitat ► Wild as well as cultivated as an ornamental.

English ► Wide-leaved Crinum.

Ayurvedic ► Sudarshana, Sukhadar-shana, Chakraangi, Somvalli, Madhuparnikaa.

Siddha/Tamil ► Vishamoongil.

Action ► Bulb—rubefacient, an-tirheumatic. Also used for piles and tubercular fistula.

The alkaloids, crinafoline and crina-folidine, have been isolated from the plant. These along with crinafoline methochloride exhibited significant tumour-inhibiting activity in vivo. The plant extract in also used in allergic condition. This activity is attributed to the presence of glucan A and phos-phatidyllycorine.

A related species, C. zeylanicum, is known as Milk-and-Wine Lily.

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