Costus speciosus Koenig Sm

CNS-depressant, diuretic and hydro-choleretic activities. Saponins show significant anti-inflammatory and an-tiarthritic activity.

The seeds also contain saponins and exhibit potent and sustained hypoten-sive and bradycardiac activities in dogs with low toxicity and without any haemolytic activity; also weak spasmolytic activity on isolated guinea-pig ileum.

All parts of the plant yield steroidal sapogenin, diogenin (quantity varies from 0.32 to 4%).

(Not to be confused with Kushtha of Indian medicine, Saussurea lappa.)

Family ► Zingiberaceae.

Habitat ► Assam, North Bengal, Khasi and Jaintia Hills, sub Himalayan tracts of Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh and Western Ghats.

English ► Canereed, Wild Ginger.

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