Chondodendron tomentosum

Ruiz et Par.

Family ► Menispermaceae.

Habitat ► A native of Peru and Brazil.

English ► False Pareira Brava.

Ayurvedic ► Paatha, Ambashthaa (true Pareira is equated with Cissampelos pareira root).

144 Chonemorpha macrophylla (Roxb.) G. Don.

Action ► Diuretic (used for chronic inflammation of urinary passages, calculus affections, jaundice, dropsy); also for leucorrhoea, rheumatism.

Roots and stem contain alkaloids, including delta-tubocurarine and l-curarine. Tubocurarine is a potent muscle relaxant. The plant contains toxic derivatives and must be used in medicinal doses with caution.

Tubocurarine alkaloid is used as tubocurarine chloride to paralyse body's muscles during operations.

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