Chenopodium botrys Linn

Family ► Chenopodiaceae.

Habitat ► The Himalaya, from Kashmir to Sikkim.

English ► Feather Geramium, Jerusalem-Oak.

Folk ► Jangaddi (Tibbet). Sahanik, Vaastuuka (Ladakh).

Action ► Stimulant, diuretic, carminative, antispasmodic, emme-nagogue, pectoral. Used in asthma, catarrh; diseases of the stomach and liver. Seeds are considered toxic.

The herb contains flavonoids (including chrysoeriol and quercetin), also several sesquiterpenoids. Betaine is found in all parts of the plant.

Fresh herb yields an essential oil; Indian oil is reported to be devoid of as-caridole, the anthelmintic principle.

Family ► Poaceae, Gramineae.

Habitat ► Annual grass introduced into India from South Africa; cultivated in tropical and subtropical low-lying areas where rainfall is less than 125 cm.

English ► Giant Rhodes, RhodesGrass.

Folk ► Rhoolsoohullu (Karnataka).

Action ► A proteinaceous factor, phytotrophin, isolated from the grass, was found to have antigenic properties similar to those of animal sex hormones and human chorionic gonadotrophin.

A related species, Chloris incompleta Roth., known as Bamnaa in Rajasthan and Mathania in Uttar Pradesh, has been equated with Ayurvedic classical herbs Manthaanakand Trnaaddhip. Another species, C. virgata Benth. & Hook. f., known as Gharaniyaa-ghass in Rajasthan, is used for the treatment of colds and rheumatism.

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