Ceriops candolleana

Family ► Rhizophoraceae.

Habitat ► Muddy shores and tidal creeks of India.

English ► Compound Cymed Mangrove.

Folk ► Kirrari (Sindh, Maharashtra). Chauri (Maharashtra). Goran (Bengal, Sundarbans).

Siddha/Tamil ► Pandikutti, Pavrikutti, Pavrikutti, Kandal, Chira.

Action ► Plant—astringent. Stem bark—hypoglycaemic. Bark— haemostatic. A decoction is used to stop haemorrhage and is applied to malignant ulcers; also given after child birth.

Shoots—used as a substitute for quinine.

The leaves (dry basis) gave 15.45% tannin, 19.99% non-tannin; twig bark 25.89%, tannin, 9.8% non-tannin; bole bark 41.42% tannin, 10.58% non-tannin.

Presence of sitosterol, cholesterol, campesterol, stigmasterol, 28-isofu-costerol and a hydrocarbon, squalene, is reported in the leaves.

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