Castanea sativa Mill

Family ► Fagaceae.

Habitat ► Darjeeling, Khasi Hills, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

English ► Spanish Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut.

Folk ► Singhaaraa (not to be confused with water-chestnut, Tripa natans L.)

Action ► Leaves—astringent, antitussive and febrifuge (used for fevers and diseases of the respiratory tract). An infusion is used as a gargle in pharyngitis, proxysmal coughs, catarrh and whooping cough. Nuts—extract, as platelet inhibitor in thrombosis and atherosclerosis.

The leaves contain tannins (8-9%) flavone glycosides, triterpenoids, ursolic acid, lupeol and betulin. Heartwood contains 61.4% tannins and 25.7% nontannins. The wood and bark contain 714 and 8-14% tannins respectively.

Nuts are eaten raw, roasted or boiled like potatoes. Nuts contain protein,

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