Brassica napus Linn

Family ► Cruciferae; Brassicaceae.

Habitat ► Cultivated in Punjab, Bengal and Bihar.

English ► Mustard, Indian Rape.

Ayurvedic ► Krishna-Sarshapa, Raajakshavaka, Kattaka, Katus-neha, Tantubha, Siddhaartha, Siddhaarthaka, Siddhaartha-sita, Rakshogna. (White variety of Sarshapa is also equated with Siddhaartha. Asita and Rakta seed varieties are reddish; Gaur and Siddhaartha are whitish.)

Action ► Emollient, diuretic, anticatarrhal.

Bridelia montana Willd. 1G1

The oil gave brassino steroid—brasi-nolide. Seeds gave a antithyroid compound, 5-vinyl-2-oxazolidinethone; thioglucosides and thioglucosinolates. The seed oil is said to dissolves gallstone.

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