Bauhinia malabarica Roxb

Family ► Caesalpiniaceae.

Habitat ► South India, Assam and Bengal.

English ► Malabar Mountain Ebony.

Ayurvedic ► Ashmantaka var., Kaanchanaara var. (in the South).

Siddha/Tamil ► Malaiyatti.

Folk ► Aapataa (Maharashtra), Amli, Amlosaa.

Action ► Antidysenteric.

The plant contains flavonoid gly-cosides—quercitroside, iso-quercitro-side, rutoside, taxifoline rhamnoside, kaempferol glycosides and quercetol glycoside.

Habitat ► The Himalayas, and distributed in Northern India, Assam, Khasi Hills. Also cultivated in gardens.

English ► Camel's Foot tree, Pink Bauhinia, Butterfly tree, Geramium tree, Orchid tree.

Ayurvedic ► Kovidaara, Rakta Kaanchanaara.

Unani/Siddha ► Sivappu mandaarai.

Siddha ► Mandarai.

Folk ► Koilaara, Khairwaal, Kaliaar, Rakta Kanchan.

Action ► Bark—astringent, antidiar-rhoeal. Flower buds and flowers, fried in purified butter, are given to patients suffering from dysentery. Extract of stems are used internally and externally for fractured bones. Plant is used in goitre. It exhibited antithyroid-like activity in experimental animals.

The flowers contain astragalin, iso-quercitrin and quercetin, also antho-cyanins. Seeds contain chalcone gly-cosides.

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