Bambusa bambos L Voss

Arundo bambos L.

Family ► Gramineae; Poaceae.

Habitat ► Wild throughout India, especially in the hill forests of Western and Southern India.

English ► Spiny or Thorny Bamboo.

Ayurvedic ► Vansha, Venu, Kichaka, Trinadhwaj, Shatparvaa, Yavphala. Vanshalochana, Vansharochanaa, Shubhaa, tugaa, Tugaakshiri, Tvak-kshiri (Bamboo-manna). Starch of Curcuma angustifolia Roxb., Zingiberaceae, was recommended a substitute for Vanshalochana (Ayurvedic Formularly of India, Part I, First edn).

Unani ► Qasab, Tabaashir (Bamboo-manna).

Siddha/Tamil ► Moongil; Moongilup-pu, (Bambo-manna.)

Action ► Leaf bud and young shoots—used in dysmenorrhoea; externally in ulcerations. Leaf—em-menagogue, antileprotic, febrifuge, bechic; used in haemoptysis. Stem and leaf—blood purifier (used in leucoderma and inflammatory conditions). Root—poisonous. Burnt root is applied to ringworm, bleeding gums, painful joints. Bark—used for eruptions. Leaf and Bamboo-manna—emmena-gogue. Bamboo-manna—pectoral, expectorant, carminative, cooling, aphrodisiac, tonic (used in debilitating diseases, urinary infections, chest diseases, cough, asthma).

The plant gave cyanogenic glu-coside—taxiphyllin. Bamboo-manna contains silicious crystalline substances.

The starch obtained from Maran-ta arundinacea Linn., Marantaceae, is also used as Bamboo-manna (known as Koovai Kizhangu, Kookaineer and Araroottu Kizangu in Siddha medicine).

Barleria buxifolia Linn. 81 Dosage ► Manna—1-3 g (CCRAS.)

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