Ayurvedic Vidaari var

Action ► Root—antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic. Flow-er—hepatoprotective.

The root of P. lobata is used in Chinese medicine as an antipyretic and spasmolytic agent.

The root contains pueraria glyco-sides and puerarol. The glycosides showed strong antioxidant activity and inhibited lipid peroxidation. The root also contain several flavones which showed 66.8% inhibition against stomach cancer in vivo in mice. The isofla-yvonoids, daidzein, formononetin, daidzin and puerarin. Daidzein and puerarin show significant anti-inflammatory activity.

The cosmetics containing the root extracts with 20-40% puerarin and 2045% sugars (as sucrose) are used as moisturizing, skin-lightening and sun-screening and hair-growth stimulating preparations.

An isoflavonoid, triterpenoid sapo-nin and tryptophan derivative isolated from the flowers showed protective effect against experimental liver injuries in mice.

The tryptophan derivatives and their glycosides exhibited antihyperglycae-mic activity.

Pueraria phaseoloides (Roxb.) Benth., synonym P. javanica Benth. (Sub-Himalayan regions; Assam, An-

Púnica granatum Linn. 527

dhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, up to 1,100 m) is equated with Tropical Kudze. The plant is used against ulcers and boils.

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