Ayurvedic Rochanaa Tagara

Folk ► Peshaavari-Bhuutakeshi (Kashmir), Taggar (Garhwal).

Action ► Roots—used as a nervine sedative. Oil—sedative, analgesic, hypotensive.

Semecarpus anacardium Linn. f. 597

The roots gave coumarins, angelicin, oroselol, lomatin, selinidin, vaginidin, vaginol; a flavone derivative selinone; a sesquiterpene vaginatin.

The dry roots yield an essential oil containing alpha-pinene 45.5 limonene 25.3, camphene 5.7, beta-phellandrene 5.2, alpha-thujene 1.2, fenchyl alcohol 3.2, terpineol 3.8, and a ketone 2.6%. Beta-pinene and fenchone have also been reported.

The roots are sold in the drug markets of Jammu mixed with those of Seseli sibiricum. The roots are also used as a substitute for Nardostachys jata-


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