Ayurvedic Kunanjara

Unani ► Seeds—Beejband, (siyah or safed), Jangali Paalak.

Action ► Leaves—catharitic; externally applied to burns. Seeds— incorporated in sex-tonics as aphrodisiac. (Seeds of Sida cordifolia and Abutilon indicum are also used as Beejband.) Roots are used as a substitute for rhubarb.

The leaves contain anthraquinones both in free and bound forms. The fruits contain rumarin (0.12%) rutin and hyperin. The seeds contain 5.1% tannin.

The roots are purgative; contain chrysophanic acid, saccharose and tannin (6%).

The seeds and leaves contain ru-marin, rutin, hyperin, chrysophanic acid, charose, tannin, emodin and its monoethyl ether, beta-sitosterol and its glucoside.

Rumex nepalensis Spreng.

564 Rumex scutatus Linn.

Habitat ► The temperate Himalayas, Western Ghats and the Nilgiris.

Action ► Root—purgative. A substitute for Rheum palmatum. Leaves— an infusion is given in colic, externally applied to syphilitic ulcers.

The roots contain nepodin, chryso-phanic acid, also 12.8% tannin.

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