Astragalus sarcocola Dymock

Family ► Fabaceae; Papilionaceae.

Habitat ► The mountainous regions from Asia Minor to Iraq and Iran.

English ► Sarcocola.

Ayurvedic ► Rudanti (substitute).

Unani ► Anzaroot, Kohal Kirmaani (Gum).

Action ► Gum—antirheumatic, aperient, anthelmintic, emollient.

The rootbark yields alkaloids, atala-phylline and its N-methyl derivatives and atalaphyllidine, which have close structural similarities with the antitu-mour alkaloid, acronycine, and its co-geners. The rootbark also contains the limonoid, atalantin.

The leaf juice forms an ingredient of a compound liniment used in hemiplegia. The essential oil is used in paralysis. The oil contains higher terpene esters belonging to azulene group (29%). (Azulenes impart anti-inflammatory activity.)

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