Astragalus hamosus Linn

Family ► Fabaceae; Papilionaceae.

Habitat ► Highlands of Asia Minor, Iran, Greece, Syria and Russia.

English ► Tragacanth Gum.

Action ► Demulcent, emollient (used for irritation of the internal mucosa, colitis, dry coughs), laxative. Mucilage used as an application to burns.

The gum contains polysaccharides and proteinaceous polysaccharides.

Family ► Fabaceae; Papilionaceae.

Habitat ► Found in the plains of Punjab.

English ► Tonkin bean, Melilot, King's crown, King's clover.

Unani ► Naakhunaa, Ikil-ul-Malik. (It is also equated with Melilotus alba Desv. and Trigonela uncata Boiss. in National Formulary of Unani Medicine.)

Action ► Nervine tonic (used in nervous and catarrhal affections), antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory, emollient, diuretic, galactogenic.

The callus of the plant contains amino acids; roots contain saponins and sterols. The leaves yield 3-nitro-propionic acid.

72 Astragalus sarcocola Dymock.

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