Asplenium adiantumnigrum


Family ► Aspleniaceae.

Habitat ► Kashmir at 1500-2000 m and extending to Dalhousie and Chamba in Himachal Pradesh.

English ► Black Spleenwort.

Action ► Fond—expectorant, pectoral, emmenagogue. Rhizome— anthelmintic. Plant—bitter, diuretic, laxative, anti-inflammatory. It is used for diseases of spleen and in jaundice; produces sterility in women.

The fonds contain aliphatic hydrocarbons, the chief one being hentri-acontane, non-acosane and triterpe-noid hydrocarbons, mainly of 22 (29)-hopene.

Alcohols, sterols and fatty acids are also reported.

Related sp. include: A. laciniatum D. Don (vitamin K3 and phthiocol have been isolated for the first time from the plant); A. adiantoides (L.) C. Chr., synonym A. falcatum Lam. (used in

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