Aristolochia longa Linn

Family ► Aristolochiaceae. English ► European Birthwort. Unani ► Zaraawand Taweel.

Action ► Oxytocic, abortifacient, emmenagogue.

Aristolochic acid and its Me es-ter—strongly abortifacient, showed damage to liver and kidney. Roots— anti-oestrogenic. A cytotoxic lignan, savinin, has been isolated from the roots.

Aristolochic acid also has an effect against adenosarcoma and HeLa cells in culture; however, it is suspected to be carcinogenic.

Aristolochia extracts show a pronounced enhancement ofphagocytosis by leucocytes, granulocytes and peritoneal macrophages, due to the presence of aristolochic acids.

Tardolyt-coated tablets, which contain 0.3 mg of aristolochic acid, increase phagocytosis in healthy men.

Aristolochic acid also exhibits reduction of some of the toxic effects of prednisolone, chloramphenicol and tetracycline in experiments in vitro, and a reduction in the rate of recurrent herpes lesions in vivo.

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