Arctostaphylos uvaursi Spreng

Family ► Ericaceae.

Habitat ► Native to North America, Europe and Asia.

English ► Bearberry.

Unani ► Inbud-dub, Angur-e-khiras, Reechh Daakh.

Action ► Astringent, dirutic; used for urinary tract infections, dysuria, cystitis, urethritis, pyelitis.

The leaves gave 0.8-1% of a flavanol glucoside, isoquercitin, arbutin and methyl arbutin. Total arbutin content varies from 7.5 to 10.7%; tannins 15 to 20%. Arbutin hydrolyses to hydro-quinone, a urinary antiseptic.

Arbutin is antimicrobial, but the crude extract of uva-ursi is more effective than isolated arbutin. In rats, uva-ursi showed anti-inflammatory activity against experimentally induced inflammation. (Natural Medicines comprehensive Database, 2007.)

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