Amomum aromaticum Roxb

Family ► Zingiberaceae.

Habitat ► North Bengal and Assam.

English ► Bengal Cardamom, Cardamom.

Siddha/Tamil ► Perelam.

Folk ► Morang-elaaichi.

Action ► Similar to that of A. subula-tum.

The seeds yield on essential oil (1.01.2%) containing cineole as the principal constituent.

Chinese practitioners avoid the use of cardamom in conditions marked by symptoms of excessive heat.

Unani ► Heel Kalaan, Qaaqule Kubaar.

Siddha/Tamil ► Peria Elam, Kattu Elam, Beraelam.

Action ► Stomachic, antiemetic, an-tibilious, astringent, alexipharmic; used for the treatment of indigestion, biliousness, abdominal pains, vomiting, in congestion of liver. Pericarp—in headache and stomatitis.

The seeds contain a chalcone (carda-monin), a flavonoid (alpinetin), petu-nidin-3, 5-diglucoside and leucocyani-din glucocide; also a aurone glycoside subulin. The essential oil (2.5%) contains cineole.

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