Action Same as that of Madhuca indica

Seed kernel gave protobassic acid (a sapogenol) and two major sapo-nins named Mi-saponins A and B and a minor one Mi-saponin C—all bis-desmosides of protobassic acid. Mi-saponins exhibit anti-inflammatory and antiulcerogenic activities.

Mahua oil causes total but reversible sterility in male rats as it shows testicu-lar atrophy with degeneration of seminiferous tubules.

A related species, Madhuca neri-ifolia (Moon) H. J. Lam., synonym Bassia neriifolia Moon, Bassia mal-abarica Bedd. (known as Atta Illuppei in Tamil), is found in Western Ghats and coastal region of South India.

The flowers are used in renal diseases; fruits in rheumatism, cough, asthma and consumption; seed oil is used in rheumatism.

Mallotus philippensis Muell.-Arg. 393

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