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The plant contains a toxic principle, andromedotoxin. The leaves are reported to contain friedelin, epi-friedelinol, alpha-amyrin, campanulin, ursolic acid, triterpenes and quercetin.

The flowers are reported to be poisonous.

R.falconeri Hook. f., known as Ko-rlinga in Nepal, Kegu and Kalma in Bhutan, is found in the Himalayas from Nepal to Bhutan, Aka Hills, Naga Hills and Manipur at altitudes of 2,1004,300 m.

The leaves and stem contain an-dromedotoxin; leaves also contain ur-solic acid, alpha-amyrin, friedelin, campanulin and quercetin. The flowers contain 3-rhamnoside and 3-galacto-side of quercetin. The bark gave taraxe-rol, betulinic acid and quercetin.

Petroleum ether extract of the leaves and stems lowers blood pressure in cats and inhibits intestinal movements in rabbits.

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