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Environmental Problems

Healthy lish have a protective mucous fifm on the surface of their bodies, but this immune system breaks down if there is something wrong with the environment. The fish is then susceptible to attack by a disease or surface parasite in addition the environmental defect may directly harm the fish. Alkaline water (page 119 is a good example if there is just a little lime in the water then someof the mucous coat is removed, but if the water is extremely alkaline then the fish are killed. Chlorine is another environmental problem putting fish in fresh tap water will render them sluggish and the gills will be bleached. Oxygen shortage can be a serious problem, especially at night in hot summer weather or during a thunderstorm. The fish come to the surface to gasp for air the problem is poisoning by excess carbon dioxide in the water and not just oxygen shortage. The answer is to turn on the fountain or waterfall if present If not spray the surface with a hoseand stir the water with a stick....

R Gene Mediated Resistance Plant Resistance and Resistance Gene

The use of plant natural resistance mechanisms represents one of the most promising alternatives. Plants have evolved sophisticated and multi-faceted defense mechanisms. Briefly, two branches of the plant immune system exist. The older one, basal immunity (reminiscent of innate immunity in vertebrates), is triggered by pathogen-associated or microbe-associated molecular patterns (PAMP- or MAMP-triggered immunity, PTI) and the second one, effector-triggered immunity (ETI), relies on resistance (R) proteins. Once the pathogen succeeds in suppressing the insufficient basal defenses, plants evolve resistance (R) proteins which directly or indirectly interact in a specific manner with microbial effector proteins and thereby trigger plant immune responses. This is synonymous to pathogen race-plant culti-var-specific host resistance or gene-for-gene resistance (Jones and Takemoto 2004 Jones and Dangl 2006). The recognized effector is termed an avirulence (Avr) protein. Pathogens evolve...

The dislike of synthetic chemicals

However, some synthetic chemicals, including insecticides, can be dangerous at very small doses. This is particularly true of chemicals that act as hormone mimics. And the danger is at its most acute for an unborn foetus. There is some evidence that hormone mimics can damage the brain, the reproductive functions, and the immune system of an unborn human foetus and, typically, this damage may not become apparent for years. Certified organic food should be obligatory for expecting mothers. Similarly, young children eat 3-4 times as much food as adults, per unit of body weight. And they drink 4-5 times as much water per unit of body weight. They consequently absorb correspondingly higher doses of toxins, and they are more susceptible to them because of their very active growth processes.

Post Translational Modifications

The most important post-translational modification for biopharmaceuticals is N-glycosylation, since 30 of all approved biopharmaceuticals are glycoproteins. Glycan chains affect half-life, stability, and functionality. The glycosylation machinery in plants is similar but not identical to its mammalian counterpart. In both cases, the N-glycosylation of a peptide chain starts with the co-translational transfer of an oligosaccharide precursor to asparagine residues within the consensus sequence N-X-S T (X is any amino acid but proline) in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). As the protein matures, the oligosaccharide precursor is trimmed to finally yield a glycoform known as the high mannose type, which is identical in plants and mammals. When the glycoprotein travels further down the secretory pathway the glycans are modified stepwise by enzyme activities located in the Golgi apparatus. The final complex-type N-glycans differ between plants and mammals. Plant glycoproteins contain...

Transient Expression Systems

Vaccination because they are highly immunogenic, so no additional adjuvants are needed to induce an immune response in the host. The versatility of these vectors has been demonstrated with an experimental rabies vaccine that induced a humoral immune response in laboratory animals and human volunteers (Yusibov et al. 2002) and a cancer vaccine that induced a cellular immune response in mice (McCormick et al. 2006). However, while such vectors are useful for the production of chimeric viral particles, they cannot be used to synthesize intact recombinant pharmaceutical proteins.

Production of Recombinant Proteins

The administration of immunogenic proteins via the ingestion of transgenic barley grain is much simpler than having to use oral vaccination, although a vaccine produced in barley can be administered intravenously as well as orally. Joensuu et al. (2006) produced the F4 fimbral subunit protein FaeG in transgenic barley endosperm. F4-positive enterotoxigenic E. coli strains are a frequent cause of porcine post-weaning diarrhoea. Orally applied FaeG induces a strong protective mucosal immune response. A second example of this technology has involved the production in barley endosperm of E2, the major envelope glycoprotein present on the surface of classic swine fever virus and the testing of the transgene product by oral vaccination (Maltagen, Andernach, Germany). A number of other animal and human growth factors are currently being commercially produced in barley (ORF Genetics, Reykjavik, Iceland).


This is the commonest disease of pond fish. The spores of Achyla and Saprolegniaare in the water of your pond, but will not attack the fish if the protective mucus layer on the surface Is intact and the immune system of the fish Is working. This immunity breaks down when the skin has been damaged or the fish Is under stress due to rapid temperature change, spawning, etc. Fungus is easily recognised as cotton-wool like growths anywhere on the fish. If caught early it is quite easy to treat you will find several fungicides on the shelves of your aquatic supplier for an in-tank treatment.

Idiotype Vaccines

Idiotype vaccines are patient-specific vaccines developed for patients suffering from clonal diseases such as B cell lymphoma (non-Hodgkin lymphoma, NHL). The malignant cells carry individual immunoglobulins (idiotypes) on their surface which can be used to trigger a specific immune response. Currently, the vaccines are produced from patient B-cell tumor cells that are expanded as human mouse heteromyelomas. The monoclonal idiotype antibody is subsequently fused to an immunogenic carrier protein such as keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) and injected, usually together with granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF) as an adjuvant. These vaccines are currently in clinical development (Sinha et al. 2008). Recently, a plant-based production platform has been established to shorten the time required to derive such a vaccine from the patient's biopsy. For this purpose, the variable domains of the idiotype are cloned as single-chain antibodies (scFv) and transiently expressed...

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