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Almost anyone can make things grow outside in summer, but you will find that your hydroponic plants will both outgrow and outproduce their soil-bound cousins. This is partly because they don't have to expend a lot of energy sending out roots to seek nutrients; consequently, they have more energy left for growing.

Hydroponics gives you yet another edge over soil gardeners. They can't go away on vacations when the good weather comes without arranging for the watering and weeding of their gardens. If you have bought or built a hydroponic system that waters automatically, away you go. If it rains or doesn't rain while you're away, so what?

During winter, your hydroponic garden will produce tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and whatever other healthful green foods you choose just when their cost is highest and their natural vitamins are most needed. It's a cheery sight to see your vegetables, herbs and flowers sitting fat and happy under a growlight, some ready for harvesting, when the snow is blowing outside. Remember, too, that your planters and plants will act as natural humidifiers for the dry indoor air of winter.

Come spring, you move your portable hydroponic unit outdoors again onto a balcony, porch, patio or into a greenhouse to take full advantage of natural sunlight. Because you have already started your garden indoors under lights, and because it is out of the range of spring ground frost, you can get your first delicious hydroponic tomato two months earlier than your dirt-farming neighbours.

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