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  1. Move your garden outside gradually.
  2. Early in the season check your newspaper for frost warnings and either cover your plants or move them indoors for the night.
  3. Start your seedlings indoors under lights two months before you begin your move.
  4. For the first few days, protect your seedlings from direct sunlight.
  5. Take advantage of building heat loss and protection and put your plants against a wall. A south or west exposure is best.
  6. Tie tall and climbing plants to stakes, strings or trellises.
  7. Keep any air pumps out of the rain by simply using a longer air hose than you would indoors.
  8. Before moving back indoors, check for insects.
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I am firmly convinced that placing a chair beside your system every so often and sitting there to get the feel of your plants is advantageous. Plants give off many visual messages. It is up to you to learn how to interpret those messages. You can do it by studying the appearance of your plants and becoming totally familiar with each kind. When left to itself, nature does a haphazard growing job. It is essential that you do not leave everything up to nature after you have seeded your soilless garden. Ten or fifteen minutes care a day, or at worst an hour a week, will pay huge dividends in your crops.

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