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Broadleaf Weeds


isoxaben -GALLERY 75 DF

0.25 to 0.5 oz.

Ky. Bluegrass Fine Fescue Tall Fescue




Only P RE herbicide just for broadleaf weed control. Apply to well-established lawns (to newly seeded, re-seeded or over-seeded lawns, apply only after new seedlings have reached the three leaf stage and are tillering).

Do not seed, re-seed or over-seed within two months of the last application. Requires activation with %% in. rain or irrigation within 21 days of application.

Broadleaf Weeds


The herbicides 2,4-D, MCPP and dicamba are listed individually due to availability of certain products. However, for optimum broad-spectrum weed control and dollar value, use products that contain combinations of these three herbicides rather than a product with a single herbicide (refer to weed susceptibility table). These herbicides are available under several PRODUCT names. When purchasing, look for the actual herbicide(s) name in small print in the active ingredients at or near the bottom of the front label, or in the use information contained on the back of the package.

2,4-D amine -LAWN WEED KILLER (Eliminator) -WEED-KILLER (Ortho) -WEED STOP (Spectracide)

Ready to Use

Ready to Use

Ky. Bluegrass Fine Fescue Tall Fescue

Bermudagrass Zoysia

Apply to well-established grasses listed. To newly seeded or re-seeded lawns, delay application until after at least the second mowing (apply only if weeds are present). Delay re-seeding for 2 weeks after last application. Do not apply to newly over-seeded warm season grasses


3.3 fl. oz.

Target Weeds




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