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Wild Onion or Garlic (Broadleaf Weeds)

Wild onions or wild garlic are perennials requiring repeat applications of the listed herbicides. Target fall application after the first hard frost, and after re-growth has occurred. Optimum control should be achieved with fall and early spring applications, repeated annually. If sufficient regrowth occurs within the spring or fall, a second application will aid in long-term control.


2,4-D amine -Various, see previous listing

Product dependent

Ky. Bluegrass Fine Fescue Tall Fescue

Bermudagrass Zoysia

Note: Use products containing 2,4-D alone or in combinations. MCPP or MCPA alone will not control or is weak on wild onions or wild garlic. 2,4-D and dicamba have activity towards these weeds.

2,4-D plus MCPP or MCPA plus dicamba -Various, see previous listing

Product dependent

imaza quin -IMAGE 1.5 LC



Apply only to well-established warm season grasses listed.

Do not apply to warm-season grasses over-seeded with perennial ryegrass.

In addition to POST activity towards wild onions or garlic, will provide additional POST activity towards sedges and PRE and POST control of certain broadleaf weeds.


Overall Comments: The following table lists post-emergence (POST) herbicide options for controlling sedges. In choosing an option, a weed must be identified as a sedge. Sedges are vigorous perennials (with the exception of the less frequent annual sedge), making them difficult to control. Control of these weeds will require repeat applications.

  • Target first application when weeds have three to eight leaves.
  • Make second or third application when weeds have sufficient re-growth (approximately 14 to 21 days after last application).
  • Infestations of these weeds are often localized, thus treatment can be a spot spray or treatment of localized infested area.

Target Weeds and

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