Control Strategies

The best control strategy may include altering your lawn care practices and/or application of appropriate herbicide(s). Choice of control strategy will depend on the weeds present and population density or distribution. Certain weeds that can be anticipated (like crabgrass and goosegrass) are best controlled with preventative or preemergence herbicides. For established weeds, two options are physical removal (which is essentially ineffective towards perennials, especially if only the top growth is removed) or treatment with curative or postemergence herbicides. If annual weeds are few and in a localized area, physical removal may be your easiest choice. If weeds are annuals that are abundant and spread over a large area, or perennials, a herbicide treatment may be required. The herbicide may be applied broadcast over the problem area or the entire yard (dependent on assessment results). Choice of an appropriate herbicide is dependent on weed susceptibility and lawngrass tolerance. Herbicide application timing is dependent on the growth stage of the weed(s) and weather conditions. Generally, weeds are easiest to control early in their life cycle.

Your choice of a best control strategy will depend on weed type(s) and life cycle(s).

Caring For Your Lawn

Caring For Your Lawn

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