Tools Youll Need

Electric or battery powered drill - 3/8" or 1/2" chuck

1 7/8", 2 7/8" & 4" hole saws for cutting drain holes, plant sites and service ports

5/8", 3/4" & 7/8" speed bore bits (flat, inexpensive drill bits)

1/8" drill bit to make spray holes in spray lines.

Hacksaw for cutting PVC pipe

Razor knife for cutting poly tubing

Ruler and a marker

Growing Strawberries Pvc Pipe

The versatility of PVC pipes when used as growing chambers leave the possibilities endless. Here is a 3 foot model that provided me with fresh salad greens all winter long and kept the air in my home office comfortably humidified and fresh too!

Whether you choose four or six inch round PVC pipe or the new 5 inch square extrusions for grow chambers, the principal is the same. Plants are suspended in baskets while the upper part of their roots are treated to a fine spray as the bottom extremities are bathed in a constant flow of oxygen rich nutrient solution.

From top to bottom; 4" round, 6" round (both shown with rubber Gem caps installed - 6', 4.5' and 3' chambers made from 5 inch square PVC (end caps not shown on square chambers) The number and spacing of plant sites is entirely up to the grower making this design very versatile

Pvc Hydroponics Manual

PVC Chambers Cross-Sections blue arrows denote spray holes green arrows denote nutrient flow

How Hydroponics
1.25" drain 1.25" drain 1" drain

0" 3" 9.5" 16" 22.5" 29" 35.5" 42" 48.5" 55" 61,5" 68"


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