The perfect system

  1. Has a simple, inexpensive design.
  2. Is fully automated and requires as little day to day maintenance as possible.
  3. Is geared for growing your choice of crops, for instance, the NFT system is perfect for Lettuce but not for Tomatoes.
  4. Wastes almost no water and nutrients.
  5. Provides your plants with exactly the right ratio of air and water to maximize growth.
Pvc Nft Hydroponics

This healthy basil specimen was grown in a hybrid Ein Gedi system that utilized horizontally oriented, 4 in. PVC pipes as growth chambers. In the background are several varieties of lettuce that were grown in the same indoor system.

Hydroponic Healthy Rooting Systems
Aeroponics provides plant roots with maximum oxygenation for explosive growth - note the root density and bright white coloring indicative of a super healthy root system in an Aerospring.

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Growing Soilless

Growing Soilless

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  • Lam Ruach
    I will be happy if I practically see this technique that may reduce env'tal polution and cost effect with in a very small space of land.
    8 years ago

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