The Lettuce Raft System

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Each day I respond to more and more emails from people looking for the simplest, most inexpensive means of growing hydroponically. I often recommend the Hydroponic Planter from the previous chapter, however, this "simple and inexpensive" method just isn't complicated enough. So... after giving it some careful thought, a worthwhile solution presented itself. The raft system is simple, inexpensive ($20-$30 complete) and "complex" enough to satisfy any first timer's appetite for a fun project that actually works quite well. In concept, the raft system does exactly as it says. Plants are grown in Styrofoam "rafts" that float in a shallow pool of nutrient. To keep the nutrient from stagnating, a small air pump is used to deliver oxygen to the solution and eagerly awaiting roots.

Lettuce Raft System

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