The Autopot

Relatively new to the market here in the US is the Autopot. A unique, self-feeding planter that has proven very reliable in commercial installations around the world. Within each Autopot double tray module resides a "SmartValve" that automatically sub-irrigates plants with nutrient solution on demand. Since the SmartValve can be gravity fed, there is no need for pumps and timers for small installations (20 trays or less). This makes the Autopot ideal for use in unsupervised locations or where access to electricity is limited. One of the largest benefits when using these systems commercially is the elimination of wasted water and nutrients, since the SmartValve feeds ONLY when needed, with no waste. Another nice benefit of these systems is that a multitude of growing mediums may be used including Coconut coir, perlite, rockwool cubes and fine gravel. Inset photo shows SmartValve.

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