Successful Seed Starting

From my experience working with many different means of starting seeds, I have developed a simple and reliable method for successful germination.

  1. Pre-moisten starting medium w/ 1/2 strength nutrient, pH6.0
  2. Maintain a root zone temperature of 72-80 degrees.
  3. Maintain air temp. at 70-78 degrees and 70-90% humidity.
  4. Soft light (20 watt/sq. ft.) until most sprout, then increase.
  5. Feed 1/2 strength nutrient until light intensity is increased.
  6. Discard weak and slow growing seedlings.
  7. Move seedlings to production area once a second set of true leaves appears.

Seedling heat mats are an excellent way to speed germination, especially when you are growing out of season. They are also useful when cloning which is discussed on the following page. I have heard that presoaking seeds in a solution of water and 10% hydrogen peroxide can get them to germinate faster too. I've had some success with this trick, give it a try!

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