PVC Pipe Gardens Growers Guide

Growing medium

Since this system is a pure water system, the only growing medium you will require is that to start your seeds or cuttings. Once you have viable plants, they will be placed into 3" plastic net cups with a handful of LECA stones to give the roots something to hold on to and keep them from falling over inside the cups.


Start your seeds or cuttings in your preference of starter cubes or sponges. Transplant to net cups once roots are clearly visible from the bottom of the cubes. Set plants in cups into your system make sure initial water level touches bottom of cups as shown in the middle photograph.


Depending on your crop and stage of growth, you will want to choose a good quality hydroponic nutrient. Do not use fertilizers designed for soil gardening as they do not contain a complete balance of nutrients required for growing in water. While you can successfully grow more than one type of plant in this system (ie vegetative, reproductive) for best results, choose one or the other this way you can target your nutrient solution to best satisfy its requirements.


Drain and replace nutrient in reservoir when it falls to a level just above the top of your pump. Never let your pump run dry. Inspect and clean in-line filters with every nutrient change. It's also a good idea to clean the chambers and reservoir between crops to remove any sediment or algae that can sometimes build up in high light conditions. Use a scrub brush and a 10% solution on bleach. Rinse thoroughly!

Pvc Pipe HydroponicsPvc Pipe Hydroponic Systems


Drain reservoir and use to feed your landscaping or lawn. If using LECA stone or gravel, dump into a storage container and rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. Clean all empty buckets cups and chambers with hot water and allow to dry before storing.

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