1. Select a healthy growing tip from a plant you wish to clone. The tip should be approximately 3" to 5" long, and include no more than two sets of leaves (including the tip). Always select fresh green growing tips for the healthiest cuttings.
  2. Using a sterile knife or razor, sever the tip and immediately place into a room temperature bath of dilute nutrient solution or a prepared cloning solution such as Olivia's (see label instructions for more information).
  3. Make a fresh cut while submerged at a 45 degree angle just above the last cut (end). This will assure that no air bubbles (embolism) are trapped in the stem which could impede the uptake of water and nutrients.
  4. Dip the cut end into your choice of cloning gel or powder and quickly but gently insert the cutting about 1/2 to 3/4" into your choice of starting plug or medium. I used a Perfect Starts rooting sponge for this demonstration.
How Hydroponics

The cutting is now ready to be enclosed in a flat with humidity dome under a soft light source. Maintain a bottom temperature of 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit, humidity of 90100% and soft lighting (20 watt fluorescent) until roots develop in 7-21 days. after which time your cuttings are ready to be transplanted to their final destination or to an intermediate area with stronger lighting where they can harden off before being exposed to a high intensity lamp or the sun.

Square Pvc Pipe HydroponicsSquare Pvc Pipe Hydroponics

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