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The latest breakthrough in growing mediums is the "molded" starter sponge made from organic compost and a flexible, biodegradable polymer binder. Available in several shapes and sizes, these innovative growing sponges solve the main problem growers face when wanting to use an organic medium in a hydroponic system. Namely, they do not fall apart or crumble during transplanting which serves to prevent damage to delicate roots. This is a significant advantage, because root damage that occurs during transplant is the leading cause of transplant shock. The starting sponges exhibit a perfect air to water holding ratio, and when used in conjunction with their plastic tray inserts, will guide roots to grow directly downward instead of spiraling, as is the case in many other types of starting trays. Since the plugs don't crumble, or break apart and clog delicate sprayers, Perfect Starts perform well in all types of hydroponic systems.

Perfect Starts Hydroponoc

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Growing Soilless

Growing Soilless

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