Parts List

  • 1) Plastic deck planter with sealed bottom. We used a Dynamic Designs 27" x 12" x 10" deck planter but you can use a round or square one as wellby improvising. Make sure your container is free from holes and made of opaque (non-transparent) plastic.
  • 1) 2500cc minimum air pump. We used an Elite 801 single output with a "T" fitting to split the air tubing into two feeds. You can use a dual outlet Elite 802 for better performance without the "T" fitting.
  • 2) 12" Air Curtains or (1) 24" air curtain to provide a stream of air bubbles to oxygenate nutrient bath - Needs to run the entire length of the planter.
  • 1) 1/4" Airline "T" fitting to split the output of a single outlet air pump - not necessary if using a dual outlet air pump or if you use a single air curtain that runs the entire length of the planter.
  • 1) 1/4" Air Tubing to connect pump outlet(s) to air curtain.
  • 28 ltr.) LECA or 3/8" gravel. This is to fill the Dynamic Design planter, others will vary. Make sure the medium is rinsed clean from grit and dust before use.
  • Hydroponic nutrients + Assorted rubber bands and plastic zip-ties

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