Making clones of your favorite plants

Another good method of starting and restocking your garden is cloning. While "cloning" may sound like a term for the five o'clock news, gardeners have been propagation identical plants for hundreds of years using this simple technique. To begin, a small "growing tip" is taken from a healthy specimen and is "planted" so it can grow its own roots. This method is independent of the plants reproductive system, and therefore eliminates any possibility that its "offspring" will continue to evolve. The cloning procedure results in plants that are identical in all aspects. Cloning is very popular with indoor growers wishing to preserve the characteristics of a particularly favorite strain. In order for cuttings to root properly, the following must be observed:

  1. Root zone temperature 72-80 degrees.
  2. Air temperature 70-78 degrees and 90-100% humidity.
  3. Indirect, low intensity light (20 watt fluorescent).
  4. Root feeding with dilute 25% strength nutrient solution .
  5. Rooting hormones help cuttings root faster.
  6. Foliar feed dilute 15% strength nutrient spray - optional.

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