Expanded Clay Pellets

LECA stands for Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate and is an extremely coarse growing medium. Some of its common trade names include Geolite, Grorox and Hydroton. LECA is made of expanded clay pellets that hold water by virtue of its

Hydroponic Wine Grape Growing
Cutaway view of tomato roots as they penetrate a 50/50 mix of coco-coir and perlite. Layer of perlite on bottom is to allow complete drainage in this top-fed hydroponic planter.
Hydroponics Gardening And Grapes
Close-up view of young tomato root as it grows into expanded clay aggregate. Inset shows inner porosity of LECA stone.
Expanded Clay Pellets
100% organic compost is molded into conveniently shaped starter plugs to offer the highest performance starting/rooting medium currently available.

porosity and surface area. These mediums are pH neutral and reusable, making them ideal for hydroponic systems. While lava rocks appear to have some of the same qualities, they should never be used in hydroponic systems because they alter the pH and leave behind a heavy sediment that can harm equipment. For the same reason, you should always rinse new LECA stones to remove the dust caused by movement during shipment.

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